Salt Lake Trip (April 2012)

 We went to Salt Lake for the weekend to go play with the kids and to meet up with the Moore family. It was such a great weekend. Everyone had fun. Our trip was spoiled a little at first because we had planned on stopping at Trafalga, but they didn't open when we thought. Instead, we headed to the aquarium (one of my favorite stops, by the way). The girls had fun watching the penguins and otters swim, and we all enjoyed seeing so many different creatures. For one thing, I had never seen an octopus swim before. It was cool. We really enjoyed the experience.

Ash liked the penguins (sorry it's blurry).

This little pop-up was inside the otter exhibit. Emma thought it was really fun.
After that, we met up with the Moore family at the hotel. Everyone enjoyed playing in the hotel's incredible swimming pool. Dad especially liked the water slide and even talked Emma into going down once. Apparently Emma figured out pretty quickly how to make herself go very slowly. They wondered for a minute if she'd stopped mid-slide, but she eventually came out. Both girls loved swimming with Daddy.

The next morning was zoo time! We were there fairly early, so the weather was perfect, even for big-bellied Mom. We honestly had a perfect trip. The kids (and adults) loved being together. It brought back fond memories of our trip to Disneyland two years ago. 

Who doesn't love a baby elephant?

Rhino time!

And every trip must include a ride on the train. Here's the crew.
We were glad to get together with fun friends and enjoy some great activities in Salt Lake. We always enjoy spending time together as a family, especially when it means getting together with friends. Thanks Moores for a great trip.

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