Hiking in the Tetons

Nick and I decided to go hiking for a bit of an anniversary trip. We debated going backpacking in the Uintas, but I've really wanted to hike in the Tetons again. I hadn't been back since hiking Table Rock seven or so years ago. Nick indulged me and we planned a trip to the Tetons. Nick's mom came to our house and we headed out. We drove two cars, left one on the Jackson side of the mountains and camped at Teton Campground. Well, we actually slept in the car. (Next time I'm pushing for a tent.) Since we were woken up around 5:30 by hikers hitting the trail head, we decided to just get up and go.

It took us a bit to get on the trail, but once we did, I was in heaven. I love being in the Tetons. It is so beautiful up there. The wildflowers are gorgeous, the mountains are spectacular, and everything was perfect. We didn't see much for wildlife but a few marmots, but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I have to admit that I was particularly fond of all of the huckleberries growing along the side of the trail. What a fun treat as we hiked.

We hiked from Teton Campground to Alaska Basin, up to Static Peak, and down through Death Canyon. Every bit of the trial was unique. Coming down Death Canyon was long and rather hot, but it was all beautiful. Overall, we went over 18 miles. I LOVED it. Thank you Nick for taking me back to one of my favorite spots on earth.