Last Friday we loaded the girls into the car at 5:30am and headed to the hospital. It was time to get rid of the tonsils and adenoids. The girls really didn't get it, so they went along great. They each colored in their new Color Wonder books while the nurses did their prep. By the time the nurse came to get Ashlyn, she had her shoes and socks on and held his hand while they walked to the operating room.

Ashlyn in her hospital gown and a tired mommy early in the morning.

Emma calmly watched PBS Kids cartoons while she waited for her turn.

When Ashlyn was done, she had a hard time coming to grips with reality. She's feisty to begin with and was mad that she hurt and didn't know where she was. All I can say is pain killers will do wonders for a kid (if you can get them to take them).

Emma handled coming to a bit better, but she really did not like that IV. She was flat out mad about it. But, painkiller and several popcicles later, she was smiling a bit and ready to go home.

All in all, three days later it hasn't been too bad. The girls have had their moments. Ashlyn wouldn't drink anything at first, but since she got some food in her, she's been fine. Now if she'll just take her medicine without spitting it all over me. Emma's now dealing with an upset stomach, but hopefully that will wear off soon. Right now, they're both sleeping. Here's my Emma while I type. She is complete with her new Webkinz puppy and her balloon.

Looking back, that's a rather terrifying thing to go through as a parent. I hate the thought of the entire process. But if they're going to have surgery, I'm glad it was a routine procedure. After surgery, the nurse brought us the girls' tonsils to show us. I know, gross. But they really were huge. The doctor was rather impressed by them. I'm just glad they're gone and the girls are doing as well as they are. It will be interesting to see how getting rid of them affects the girls.

Getting Wiggles Out

We had the chance last week to go to Blast Off in Idaho Falls with my sister Kerri and her three little girls. We all enjoyed the time out of the house. All five girls ran, climbed, jumped, dressed-up, and laughed. It was fun to be together. Any time spent with family is good time. I foresee another trip there before summer comes.

Emma and her cousin Kate loved the dress-up area.

This dress was a favorite.
Ashlyn loved wearing this one around and carried it just like a little princess.

Ashlyn with her cousin Jessica. This little house was great for playing peek-a-boo and hanging out together.

One of the main features of Blast Off is tubes to climb through and ball pits. It was really fun.


Pizza and Dress-ups

We had friends over the other day for a much needed play date. We all had a lot of fun making pizzas. After all, what kid doesn't like pizza and getting messy, not to mention eating as much as makes it on the pie!
This has got to be one of my favorite pictures! While I won't post it on FaceBook, I had to put it here. Doesn't the pizza sauce lipstick make an extra beautiful finished look.

Salt Lake Trip

We had the chance to go to Salt Lake with Nick's parents. We went skiing (hence the previous Emma skis video), swimming at the pool, visited Build-a-Bear, and stopped at the lights on our way out of town. Here are the pictures!

Putting the hearts in.

Giving the horse/unicorn a bath.
Emma's "Sparkle Horn" unicorn is sporting a lovely Sleeping Beauty dress complete with Pegasus wings and a star wand.Dressing a horse in a TinkerBell dress. I think Nick is still rolling his eyes, but Ashy loves her "Emily."

Christmas (Finally)

Better late than never, right? Christmas around here was pretty calm. It was a bit change from last year and much less dramatic. Thank goodness. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas here together. We all enjoyed being home and actually relaxing together. Honestly, it was really nice. Christmas evening my parents and grandma came to join us while we opened presents and for dinner. It was wonderful having them. Grandparents just make everything special.

TinkerToys were a hit. The girls love building with these, and Dad enjoys playing with something other than princesses. Emma loves her "princess in a castle with a prince." She has almost the complete collection and has played and played with them.

I couldn't resist throwing this picture in. We've seen this face a lot lately. Nick calls it her pirate face. It cracks me up every time.
Oh, yes. More princesses.

Ashlyn got the cutest little FurReal kitten and has loved it dearly. If daddy and big sister weren't allergic to them, I'd have bought her the real thing.These two games have been a hit. I love that they're old enough to play games. Ashlyn has a great attention span for them. Emma gets rather bored quickly.On Saturday we all headed to Rexburg for the day. My family had their Christmas party in my little sister's new home, and we all got spoiled once again by my mom. It was great to see family, and we even had the chance to see an old friend from high school and his family.

I've heard many people say that they don't care for the holidays, but I really do enjoy them. I have to pace myself so I'm not running crazy at the end, but this year we allowed ourselves a vacation from the running and played at home. We all enjoyed it.