Caught Up!

Well, there you have it. It was a bit time consuming, bit I'm caught up! I can hardly believe it. Many posts don't contain as much detail as they could, but they will serve the purpose of reminding us what we did in the last year. And that's the point, anyway. Now, when life calms down again (haha - in maybe six months or so), I'll get this blog printed off into books. It's been fun reviewing what we've done in the past year, and I'm excited to see what adventures we'll go on in the next year. Wish us luck with baby, move, and new job. It's going to be CRAZY, but exciting.

Tautphaus Park Zoo

In case you can't tell, we like zoos in our family. Last week before my dr. appointment, we met my mom at the Tautphaus Park Zoo. The girls had a blast and were super cute. Emma took her camera in, too, so we got a lot of pictures. Unfortunately, her camera doesn't focus well, so we only got a few, but they're fun nonetheless.
Emma really was more excited than this to be there. :)

Ash was very careful to make sure that each goat got at least one treat, despite there being a greedy bully.

Both girls enjoyed the little animal show and really liked petting the ferret and chinchilla.

Silly Ash

 So, what do kids do when they don't want to go to sleep once they're sent to bed? Ash has never been one to get out of bed much, but this is what we have found a couple of different nights over the last couple of weeks. I love this silly little girl.

Every little girl needs her own canopy

Yes, Ash has suspended her stuffed animals via hangers. At least they're "put away."

Saying Good-bye to "Stuff"

I find it interesting that I'm the one who was affected by selling the swing set, but I'm watched my kids have a lot of fun playing on it. That, and it was hard work to seal coat everything and put it together. But, it was rather impractical to bring it with us. Nick posted it online, and it was gone within a couple of days. Sigh. I'll miss you swing set and hope to replace you next year. :)

My sister might kill me for posting this picture, but we did get rid of a ton of "stuff" at a garage sale last weekend. It was nice to get rid of so many things we really didn't want to bring along with us. Good-bye "stuff." (And I like seeing pictures of my sisters pregnant because it reminds me that we just carry our babies the same way. Hehe.)

Emma Finishes 1st Grade!

 Emma's class got to end the year with a fun trip to the skating rink and then to the park for sack lunches and play! I met them at the end of the trip to take a few pictures. Emma has enjoyed the year, has been a great student, and make many, many friends. I'm proud of you sweetheart and have loved watching you learn and grow so much this year. HUGS.

Mrs. Lewis - a wonderfully fun teacher

Em with good friend and neighbor, Carter!

Amberly has been a great friend to Em all year.

Chiara is a sweetheart.
Emma is going to miss all of her friends, but we look forward to staying in touch via letters.

A Baby Shower

My sweet friend Kim Hansen threw a baby shower for me. It was so humbling to have so many great friends and family members come. My babe was spoiled rotten and I felt such an overwhelming sense of love. It was especially overwhelming because we put a for sale sign up in front of our house the evening before, so many of my great ward members were curious to know what was going on. Overall though, everyone was incredibly kind. I feel very loved and am grateful that friendships don't end when you move. Thank you Kim and for everyone who came and for those who traveled to be there.

Grandma Charles, Ashy, and Grandma Millar - Thanks for coming!

My good, good friends Kim H, Megan W, and Dana W.

Sweet Dixie P crocheted this beautiful afghan.

Monica and Shanna came all the way from IF. I love you ladies.

I couldn't resist getting a prego belly shot with Reb. She's due 2 weeks before me (jealous!)
Grandma C's friend Linda made the adorable diaper cake.

Ashy Graduated from Preschool

My little girl grew up on me. She graduated from preschool this May. I can hardly believe she's been going for two years and is old enough to go to kindergarten. But she is an incredibly sweet kiddo who is very smart and ready to be big like her sister. I sure love her and am going to miss her when she's in school. I love you, Sis.

Ash at her graduation with Miss Jen. Ashy got to be Opera "O" on stage.

These swings were a hit at her end-of-the-year picnic.

Another cute picture with Miss Jen.