Family Pictures

I've been dying to have Meegan Littlefield photograph my family since I first came across her blog. Last Friday we finally did it. She's still editing our shoot, but to see a sneak peak of us, click here. I love her work. The only downside of the trip was that the girls wanted to play too much. I'm not sure we'll get a family photo, but I think I'll be able to put together a great collection that will represent our family better than a "let's sit still and all say cheese" picture. Our girls have far too many wiggles.


Personal Progress Faith #1

This goal was actually rather difficult for me to accomplish, and it shouldn't have been. All summer I have been trying to improve upon saying my morning prayers. And while I am still far from perfect, this goal has certainly given me a boost in the right direction. When I look back over the summer, I can see how striving to improve my pattern of prayer has really helped me. A very difficult spring slowly improved into a more stress free fall.

Prayer is vital in my life. It helps me assess my priorities before the day begins and allows me to invite the spirit into my day. With such blessings, trials and hardships once again become blessings that teach me how to be a better person. I have so many things to learn, and I have even more patience to gain. I'm grateful that I can speak with my father in heaven and get his help in facing any challenge, big or small.


Bird Nest

Last night when Nick went to tuck Ashlyn into bed, she had wrapped her blankie around her middle. He asked her to climb into bed, and she replied with, "I can't. I'm in my bird nest." She was fine with him lifting her, bird nest and all into bed. But then she said, "Good night Daddy bird nest." A few minutes later she called Nick "Daddy chicken" but she refused to follow Dad's promptings to call me "Mommy cuckoo." Smart girl, huh. She did agree to call me Mommy Road Runner though. She finished out her pretending by lying in bed flapping her wings and tweeting. The mind of a two year old. I love watching my kiddos pretending.


Emma's Big Day

Emma had a big day today. To start, she went to her first day of big kid preschool. She's been looking forward to it since last year's class ended. Since she's already used to it, she waltzed right in like she owned the place. She learned so much last year that she's already starting to sound out words and asks how to write some words. I'm excited to see what she learns this year.

Emma with her teacher Miss Jenn.

The second part of Emma's big day was a big girl's hair cut. She's been telling me all summer that she wanted her hair short like moms. Well, we did it. I left my camera sitting on the counter, so I didn't get pictures at the salon, but we cut a lot off. Here is the end result. I'm hoping to get her to sit still for a better picture tomorrow.