Emma Goes Skiing!

Our little Emma went skiing for the first time Wednesday at Brighton in Utah. We put her in ski school for a couple of hours, and afterwards, she was cruising all by herself. She was all smiles and has been telling us over and over how fun it was and asking when she can go again. We loved every second of it! Way to go Emma girl!


Thanksgiving Fun

We had a great time as usual for Thanksgiving. Nick's mom organized a pine wood derby, and while our cars didn't win, they were pretty. Emma had a pink princess car complete with a riding princess, Ashlyn sported a purple Dora car with a Dora taped to the top, and Nick had, well, a flying egg plant. He's always been the king of randomness. We were also able to go swimming with just the cousins. We really had a great time together. Nick spent most of the time down with a cold, but tis the season. Thanks Carolyn for organizing yet another fun-filled Thanksgiving.
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Turkey Hands

Emma was in charge of bringing snacks to preschool the day before Thanksgiving. She found these cookies on PBSkids.org and really wanted to make them. While they did take a lot of time, she loved them, and they turned out pretty cute.

Fire Station

Emma gets to do some pretty fun things with her preschool. Here is a great example. She really enjoyed shooting the firehose. Then again, if it has anything to do with water, she loves it.
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